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Are you tired of the same old Harley Shirt? 

and get a FREE Cyberspokes T-shirt & computer baseball hat.


* Sorry, we are SOLD OUT! *

but we now have HELMET STICKERS !!

Please support *Helmet Stickers for Hunger*
"Choppers for charity"


We've moved!
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Are you looking for the Ultimate Biker Gift?
Want something unique?
Better than West Coast Choppers Jesse James shirts?
Better than Harley Davidson shirts?
Better than American Chopper - Orange County Choppers (OCC) shirts?
Better than Grateful Dead Skeleton shirts?

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The easiest, most hassle-free club to join... 
"Cyberspokes Bikers"  VMC
Virtual Motorcycle Club

No fees, no duties, no commitments, no strings, no attitudes.

Voted Best Biker T-shirt  Design 2000 !!

By wrenching your Hog to perfection, you've already proven how good you are with your hands.  Now, show the world you've got what it takes to "cruise into the future" by wearing a "high-tech" Cyberspokes BIKERS t-shirt.

-A top-quality, one-of-a-kind, unique, custom-designed, Hanes shirt made of 100% heavy-duty pre-shrunk cotton.  Black of course!  Designed by Dave O. and created by famous California artist Greg Mack.

-A FREE COMPUTER BASEBALL HAT TOO!  Great for "Helmet Hair"!  Yep we have a limited quantity of high-quality baseball hats from computer companies like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and many others. Be the envy of all your high-tech computer geek friends!  While supplies last.  


Check out our long sleeve black Jerseys.  Down each sleeve they have the coolest looking Cyborg Arm Bursting thru Flesh graphics you've ever seen!  Great for women and men!   

Sharon-VP & Dave O.-Prez of Cyberspokes

"It is much safer to transmit your credit card number over the Internet than to give it to a waiter at a restaurant or read it aloud over a cordless phone."

- David Medine, Federal Trade Commission from a Washington Post article.

Pay fast, easy and secure with Visa or Mastercard (below).

* Sorry, we are SOLD OUT! *

*Or, if you will be paying by mail, hit the "Ctrl" key & P  to print this page.
or feel free to use your own paper.

Name:    _______________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
City:       _______________________________________
State:     ________
Zip:        ________ 
Email:     _______________________________________
Size:       ________   Quantity _____
(Please specify long or short sleeve.) 

Amount Enclosed:  $ ___________
(* $20 plus $5 shipping & handling each)

Send check or money order  to:
4994 Newton Road
Hamburg, NY 14075

*make checks payable to "Cyberspokes"

* Sorry, we are SOLD OUT! *



Many members have bought t-shirts for their buddies, which allowed them to start their own informal, local Cyberspokes BIKERS clubs! Don't worry, since our motto is "No fees, no duties, no commitments, no strings, no attitudes"... the only thing you will have to worry about is riding! Or just looking cool in your shirt!

*Don't forget to join our Western New York mailing list at the bottom of our CLUBHOUSE page.

-RIDE FREE :  As an added bonus, you will get exclusive access to services like Biker Chat Rooms, Bike Run Listings, FREE Classifieds, FREE Technical Support, FREE Web Site Hosting, FREE e-mail, and much much more !! 
(Actually, our web site shows you how to get access to this stuff even if you don't buy a shirt but how could you pass up owning such a cool friggin' shirt?)