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Why do we work for FREE?

Yep, when all is said and done, we work for free.
There is a the huge cost of time and money involved in running this web site.
Some sites charge money to use their services, but that's not what Cyberspokes is all about!

Our #1 purpose is to support the motorcycling community while helping to promote fundraisers for charitable organizations and other biker-related causes. See our "About Us" page for more info on who we are.

Through our Buffalo & Western New York Events page, we provide an opportunity for motorcycle clubs, dealerships, vendors and individual motorcyclists to join together to make a positive contribution to the community and to the motorcycling image.  We also sponsor an Annual Run, Chopper Show and Benefit Party for the Food Bank of Western New York on the last Saturday in April.

Event Organizers, Promoters, Business Owners! 
Do you who want to make sure that you get the word out to as many bikers as possible?  A listing on brings in the crowds and makes for a GREAT TIME FOR ALL!!!  

The procedure outlined here KEEPS THIS SERVICE FREE, so please do not ask us to make an exception for you. It would not be fair to those charities and organizations who support the cause.

We can advertise your event for FREE, and all we ask in return is that you make a small mention of " - Cyberspace for BIKERS" somewhere on your flyers & advertising. Some folks just mention, "This event is also listed onů" or  "We are also listed on...", or something to that effect, but we're not too picky. Whatever works best for you.  Then send us a hard-copy of your flyer in the US Mail to confirm.

You must email us a paragraph of basic text with all the details you would like listed. A phone number is required for all event or business listings. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US FLYERS because they take up too much memory on our email server. We designed our site to be fast for dial-up users. Many bikers do not have or want the expensive broadband internet services.

We would also appreciate if you would display some of our Cyberspokes Food Bank Run flyers at your event's check-in table.  Here is our basic PRINTABLE FLYER you can use to put out at your event or business. Please email us or call us (716-649-0797) if you have any questions.

We will list your event on our EVENTS page and also include it in our Weekly e-Mailer which goes out to over 450 WNY (Western New York) bikers. We regularly get THOUSANDS OF HITS per week to our website.  Many of the events we list also get included in many other web sites and publications, including Hard Tales Magazine - a full-color WNY publication dedicated to bikers, their needs and lifestyles.

Remember, most flyers get thrown out or lost.  But if someone knows you were listed on " - Cyberspace for BIKERS", they just have to hit the web and all your info will be at their finger-tips! Plus, it's a very easy website to remember.

It's a simple process we like to call the "Full-circle 360 Degrees of Cooperation".  By listing a small mention of  " - Cyberspace for BIKERS" on your flyers and/or advertising, you are virtually guaranteeing the chances that people will be able to find out about your event or business now AND in the future.  Plus, you could feel good about yourself, because you will be helping other charities get their events noticed too! is visited by thousands of bikers regularly so it never fails to "get the word out". We've also appeared on 97-Rock, WGRZ Channel 2 News, WKBW Channel 7 News and The Buffalo News, Easyriders, Hard Tales, Thunder Press, Night-Life Magazine, ArtVoice Magazine, The Penny Saver, The SUN and The Erie County Independent.

Don't get left behind.  Get listed on the World-Wide Motorcycle Directory !!!
It's easier then you think.

Do you want exposure to MILLIONS of customers World-Wide?  
The Internet gains 1.58 million new users each month!
International Data Corp. expects U.S. Internet users to reach approximately 180 million in the next four years, a 118 percent growth over 1999 figures. 

Did you know the number of BIKERS that own a computer and surf the NET are at the highest point ever.
Did you know that it is estimated that there are about 30 million motorcycle riders in the world and 8 million of them live in the United States.
The overall value of the motorcycle market, including sales of new bikes, is more than $ 12.7 BILLION !!    -stats courtesy of

Don't wait.  NOW is the time to get listed !!

Since we do this site as a FREE service to the motorcycling community, it is considered a hobby and we are pretty much not-for-profit.  Therefore, we favor the old-fashion barter-system way of doing things.  Remember, most flyers get thrown out or lost.  But if someone knows you were listed on - "Cyberspace for BIKERS", they just have to hit the web and all your info will be at their finger-tips!

Choose from any of our three "Spread The Word" plans below. - Let's help each other!

Plan A: Cyberspokes will provide a link to your "Biker-related" site FREE, in exchange for a link to our site.  Sorry, Biker-related businesses ONLY.  You must have a registered domain name.  We reserve the right to reject any businesses who we feel do not cater to our target customers.  Please email us AFTER you have ALREADY placed a link to - "Cyberspace for Bikers" on your site.

Plan B:  Let's work together!  You display some of our Cyberspokes Food Bank Run flyers prominently in your place of business and we will provide you with presence on the World Wide Web by publishing your Western New York business's name, address, telephone number and a description of your services.  This includes one short PARAGRAPH of non-time-sensitive static information.  Here is our PRINTABLE FLYER you can use.  

Plan C: You don't have a web site?  Even if you don't own a computer, we can provide you with presence on the World Wide Web by publishing your business's name, address, telephone number and a description of your services. Think of it as a flyer that goes out to millions! How much does this cost?  Let's work together.
By listing - "Cyberspace for BIKERS" as a sponsor, everyone wins.  You support us, we'll support you, and we'll both support the motorcycling community!.  Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss. 
This includes one short PAGE (equivalent to a 8 1/2 x 11 paper flyer) of non-time-sensitive static information. Another words, this should be information that does not require any updates or changes.

How will a listing on Cyberspokes bring you more customers? is now recognized as one of the BEST motorcycle-related directories on the Internet!  In addition to hundreds of other partners, we have the support of: Harley Davidson, Easyriders, The Cabbage Patch, The Horse - Backstreet Choppers Magazine,, Biker Heaven, The Hog Farm, ABATE, J & P Cycles, Cycle Trader, Biker Source,,, Genuine Cycle,, MotoDirectory, BadPig, Performance Coatings, ShinyBike, and many many many more!   So if you own a biker-related business, you will definitely want to take advantage or our economical SERVICES program.

Plus, your business gets the advertisement and exposure it deserves at MANY of the major Motorcycle Events and Trade Shows.  Check out our PAST EVENTS page!  

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If you are interested in listing your "Biker related" business or event on the World Wide Web call us at 716-649-0797.  

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