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This page is just getting started. More to come.  You can click on the pictures to see a larger image.


justinselvag.jpg (76419 bytes)
ustin age 5, son of Mark & Grace Selvagio from Lackawanna NY, gives Harleys the big NUMBER ONE hand-sign in this picture.  When he saw Mark's nephew, Eric lounsbury, pull his yellow 1974 Custom Sportster Hardtail along side dad's black 1993 Heritage Softail FLSTC... he was ready to ride!

Sally Shaw from Lancaster, New York has the whole Harley Gang here!  That's her daughter Becky with the Biker Mom shirt and the Harley Clock.  Her daughter Melissa is sporting the Harley shirt.  Sally's boyfriend Gary is the one with the Harley cap.  And of course Sally with the CYBERSPOKES SHIRT!!